About Us

Great companies begin with a genuine idea and a passion to fuel it. Our idea is to make the snowboarding industry a greener, more sustainable practice. The inspiration behind it; mah nature and her beautiful environments, and the unprecedented desire to create. In 2014, that inspiration lead us to found Powe. Snowboards to change the way we think about snowboarding and the snowsports industry.

Combining environmentally conscious materials, real environmental actions, community involvement, and high end art, we are helping to strengthen our connection with nature and point the industry in the right direction. Designed to be suitable backcountry and all mountain disciplines, our snowboards are lightweight, flexible, durable and have the most unique graphics in the game.

With genuine love for the winter and all it offers, we have set out to create a network of local businesses, students, schools, and snowboard teams from VT to CO, to spread the joy our winter and environment bring. 

The idea of being an eco-friendly, responsible, and caring company is what has made Powe. Snowboards what it is today. Operated and owned by a passionate group of young individuals with ambition to make the world a better place, we want to rally the community around winter and Keep our sport alive.