President, Eric Vindigni

I remember...

that first week on a snowboard. It was at Jack Frost in eastern Pennsylvania. It was also one of the most painful experiences of my entire life - and that’s coming from a hockey player of 23 years and counting. At the time, I remember thinking about why I was enduring so much pain the days of soreness, and the funny thing about it, when I look back on it now, all I remember is the enjoyment of riding sideways down the mountain. Growing up in northern New Jersey, we never really had tons of powder and even then, I found myself always wanting to be on my snowboard, and at this point could barely even link turns.

It was those weekend trips to Mt. Snow in southern VT that really changed things for me.  It was there where I first experienced a Mountain that took more than 30 seconds to go from top to bottom, and where I got my first taste of real powder.  

The next stop on this journey was when I found myself at the University of New Hampshire in the fall of 2007.  It was there, once competitive sports and proximity to the mountains were no longer an issue. My friends and I were able to get out on the hill constantly, and when I realized how much I really NEEDED the mountains.  At UNH, I experienced real life stresses for the first time, and the hours spent with my board strapped to my feet became my escape, the only way I could clear my head. 

After college, corporate America took hold, and the mountains became even more of an escape, my own personal nirvana.  Here, i learned a true appreciation for the natural world that shaped my actions and daily life for good. I knew that I needed to form a permanent connection with the place my mind always desires to be.

When my brother, Adam, was getting closer to the end of his time at the University of Vermont, our discussions about starting a business became more frequent and much more serious than when he first began drawing snowboards and the idea first came into our heads. We finally had the pieces, the timing was finally right, and thus, Powe. Snowboards was born.