Winter Window (Win)sulation

Greetings everyone and welcome to Green Tip Tuesday on this brisk November morning! Crazy that it’s November already, me this past September saw fall dragging on for years, but autumn’s really flown by. Speaking of November you know what that means BOSTON SKI AND SNOWBOARD EXPO IS HERE!! WOOOOOOOO Second best time of the year (besides winter) comin’ at ya this week Thursday through Sunday at the Boston Seaport World Trade Center, come through, say hey, enjoy the sweet scent of new gear, grab some fresh stickers, and experience the spirit of winter.

window sealer

Speaking of winter the cold temps are setting in and we’ve finally turned our heat on for the season, so we’re going to talk about staying warm on a budget and conserving that warmth. Every winter we use plastic window insulation to cover our windows and it’s been really beneficial for us in a lot of ways, not to mention it help reduce our carbon footprint. It may seem odd using more plastic to decrease your footprint, but if you’re careful and crafty you can reuse them.

Although they may look like flimsy pieces of plastic (because they are), they are soooo much more than that. I was skeptical at first, but after trying it out I noticed a few things. One of the biggest advantages to this was no more drafty windows. In areas that used to be notorious for coldest chair in the room quickly became the go to spot because there was no more arctic draft seeping through our window frames. These are also a good indicator of the weather outside. If the plastic is swishing around a lot you know it’s gonna be a windy one. Also, if you put them on carefully and correctly they don’t make any swishing sound at all, which is also nice. I wouldn’t say covering every window is absolutely necessary, but definitely try and cover your larger windows at the very least.

We try to cover all the downstair windows, which are the largest windows in the house, and we can tell a noticeable difference in how stable the temperature of the house is and the warmth it holds and can definitely tell a difference in our heating bill. Now it’s not hundreds of dollars a year, but it adds up. It’s also super easy (with a two man team) and only costs about $6-$8 per window, which you’ll definitely make in return.

That’s it for this week folks! Gotta wrap it up and make sure we’re ready for this weekend! AGAIN if you’re in the Boston area this Thursday-Sunday, come through the Seaport World Trade Center for the ultimate winter season hype up!