This Week's Green Tip - Campin' Stoves - Powe. Snowboards - Burlington, VT
This Week's Green Tip - Campin' Stoves - Powe. Snowboards - Burlington, VT
Campin' Stoves - This Week's Green Tip - Powe. Snowboards -Burlington, VT
This Week's Green Tip - campin' stoves - Powe. Snowboards - Burlington, VT

This week's’ green tip is an eco friendly way to make a homemade heating element that is easy to pack up and transport. By gathering just a few household materials you can make a few of these stoves to bring on your next adventure. All you need for this DIY project is some cardboard, unscented wax, a recyclable can, and a bit of creativity and these seven easy steps:

1. Find your can (make sure to wash it out) and peel any wrapper or extra packaging off.

2. Grab your cardboard and cut a long strip that’s about 2 feet long (or a bunch of smaller strips if your cardboard source isn’t large enough) and a width the same height as the can. 

3.Roll up your strip(s) of cardboard into a large cylinder and jam it into the can.

4.Next, grab your unscented wax and melt it down in small pot over a stove.

5.Once the wax is melted into a liquid, CAREFULLY, pour the wax over the cardboard inside the can, until it is filled with wax. You may have to pour some wax, let it settle, pour a bit more in, and repeat.

6.Finally, let wax cool down and return to a solid state. Be CAREFUL when handling the can after pouring wax into it, IT WILL BE SUPER DUPER HOT.

7. At last, the wax has settled, cooled, and returned to it solid state! Take it outside if it’s not already and light a small section of the cardboard. Place the stove in a protected area where it won’t spark anything up and watch it catch!

This awesome little stove gives off a lot of light and provides enough heat to boil water in a small pot or even cook food over a pan! With a burning time of about 4 hours, if not used fully on the first use, they can be re-lit a few times, each easier than the first.

They will also relight after being completely soaked in water! Not only are the also lightweight and portable, but you are also getting some use out of recycled materials. Not to mention, your next camping trip just got interesting. 

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Will Romeo