Week 4 of Leave No Trace: Leave What You Find

This Week's Green Tip - Powe. Snowboards
Powe. Snowboards - This Week's Green Tip
Powe. Snowboards - This Week's Green Tip

Howdy Folks! Welcome to Green Tip Tuesday, August 16th edition!

 Kickin’ off week 4 Leave No Trace, we are looking at rule numba four- Leave What You Find. I know what you’re thinking, “those sticks are so pretty” and “that rock would look great on my coffee table.” Remember, the whole point of this is to create as minimal of an impact on our surroundings as possible. As tempting as it is, no matter how shiny, how squishy, or how good it tastes, leave it.

Upon arrival to your site, take a gander, breathe in your surroundings, and scope out an area where you think you’ll cause the least amount of impact in. Look for areas where you won’t have to displace much of the ground coverage where your tent will be located. If removing some of the coverage like twigs, pinecones, small rocks is necessary, be sure to replace them after.

 Don’t go building makeshift lean-tos, diggin’ trenches, or crafting lawn furniture on your site. (Lawn furniture may seem like a wildcard here, but I’ve seen it done before.) Throughout your adventures be careful of vegetation, try not to trample over small understory and plants, and definitely don’t hack limbs off of trees. Oh yeah, LNT points out a good one; don’t carve your initials into a tree! Not only is it super duper cliche, it can be really harmful to the tree.

 One good point the Leave No Trace organization makes evident is the “I’ll just take a few” mentality. While just taking a few of whatever it is you are interested may seem like no big deal, it adds up over time. If everyone thought that way, all the beautiful wildflowers would be gone, the cool rocks that would look so nice on our coffee table would already be on other coffee tables, and our environment would lack the little aspects that catch our eyes. No more small bursts of color on the canvas of a petal, or glimmer of sun reflecting off a rock.

In other words TAKE A PICTURE IT LASTS LONGER, draw a picture of it, or journal it so more people can enjoy these natural beauties.

 Thanks again for tuning into this week’s Green Tip and for more information follow the link below!


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