Mind Your Own Beeswax (Candles)

Beeswax - this Week's green tip - Powe. snowboards
Bees Wax - This Week's Green Tip - Powe. Snowboards

Greetings fellow Green Tip Tuesdayers! How are we all doin’ this week!? I’m feelin’ mighty fine! Big shout out to Bolton Valley for hosting us this past Sunday, we got nothing but beautiful sun, carvy slopes, and love from everyone. I don’t know if anyone got after it today, but it was another picturesque day at Smugglers’ Notch. Another quick announcement: the new site is up and running so do your eyeballs a favor and click Here. (Warning uncontrollable sobbing and tears of joy may ensue).

Alright! Onto this week’s Green Tip. I am especially excited for this one and I am not too sure why, I guess nature is just too cool.  Anyway... This week’s topic is based around candles and the horrible things that happen when we use the wrong type. Yeah.. that just took a dramatic turn. One thing I learned this week is how harmful the everyday household candle can be and I am stunned by the research I found, so let me share some knowledge. First off, most household candles are made with paraffin wax, a highly refined petroleum product which is “treated with chemicals to force it into something that passes as a usable product” (Beehive Candles). Right off the bat, I was pretty terrified hearing those words. If you are already depressed enough hearing that, skip the rest of this paragraph and hear the bright side of this article (it only gets worse for a bit). Using a paraffin candle is almost the equivalent of burning diesel fumes...in your house. This can negatively affect anyone’s health, but can be especially harmful to those with asthma or allergy problems. Not to mention, there are also devastating environmental effects just from extracting the petroleum in the first place. Honestly, by the looks of things, there’s a billion reasons as to why we should avoid using paraffin wax. With that said, let’s look at an eco/human friendly alternative.

Instead of super refined petroleum, choose a natural alternative like beeswax! “But why beeswax?” The real question is WHY NOT!? To start, there are no synthetics or weird chemicals in beeswax, it is au natural (french pronunciation). They are environmentally friendly and don’t have to be refined, straight farm-to-table beeswax. Not only do these candles burn brighter than petroleum based alternatives, but they can last up to five times longer. Fun fact: the bright flame producd by the beeswax is the same spectrum as the brightness of the sun, WHAT!? Nuts. To top it off they also release negative ions, purifying and improving air quality. From the looks of things, there really are only positives to using beeswax. This is way too good to be true and I’m so pumped about it I’m shouting this in my head like Billy Mays (R.I.P. (too soon?)).

Thanks for catchin’ up on this week’s Green Tip and go have yourself a most excellent week! Ditch those gross paraffin candles and go get yourself some beeswax magic and feel the difference! Before it’s too late, again, go check out the revamped site right over here. It’s just...muaahh (I just did that thing where cooks kiss their fingers and then kinda throw them back into the air). Goodbye!