Let’s Get Wild(flowers)


What’s up family!? How are we all doin’ on this most excellent of Tuesday’s? Spring is finally here, tailgate season has begun, and the outrageous on-mountain outfits are pouring out of the woodworks.  Ya know, so far it’s been a beautiful transition of seasons. There have been more bluebird soft snow days than I’ve seen in a long time. With that said, Spring is definitely on the mind and so is this week’s Green Tip, so let’s dive right on in.

As we all know, with Spring comes the beauty of growing vegetation, the return of wildlife in our surroundings, and life in general filling the atmosphere. This Spring, do yourself and the environment a favor by growing native wildflowers in your gardens and green spaces. Now native wildflowers is in italics because this is the key to the Green Tip. Obviously you can plant all sorts of varieties of flowers from different parts of the world, but this year try and focus on growing vegetation that would normally grow in the environments you live in. Why is this focus on native wildflowers and flora so important?

For starters, filling your green spaces and garden with wildflowers will help enhance a lot of different qualities of your environment with minimal effort involved. Since this flora is already accustomed to the environment it’s being planted in, you won’t need to go adding tons of fertilizers and chemical components to the soil it’s going to live in (although, it is still important to know what soil types you’re working with and what flowers like that soil). Already this is sounding great to me, more vegetation and more relaxing. Being native to the area, these plants will also provide familiar food sources and more shelter for local animals and insects. This will help increase biodiversity in your area whether it’s birds, chipmunks, amphibians, or whatever lives in your nearby environments. Pretty neat, huh?

Wildflowers can also have a tremendous impact on the hydrology and soil erosion of the area you are planting them. Since the wildflowers you are planting favor the soil you’re planting them in, their root systems are able to thrive and hold strong into the soil, in return preventing soil from eroding away. Stronger root systems and more stable soil also means that you’ll have much less runoff and stormwater escaping and leaving dirt channels that would normally leach nutrients and compounds vital to healthy soil. Overall, these factors combined allow for thriving flora and fauna in green spaces that can literally be in your very own backyard. Who woulda thunk it could be so easy?

That’s a wrap for this week folks! Thanks so much for readin’ in on this weeks Green Tip and be sure to stay posted for events coming up, new footage being released, and oh yeah, probably the best sale to hit the internets, ever. Check it out here. Biiyeeee!