DIY Outdoor Vertical Gardening

Hey there folks and welcome to another Green Tip Tuesday! TGIT for real. It’s been a crazy week so it’s nice to finally sit down, relax, and get my Green Tip on. Also, this week may (or may not) be the first anniversary of The Green Tip (I’m not exactly sure, but according to math and crunching the numbers, it’s probably the anniversary)! So thanks everyone for reading in every week and learning how you can be a bit more sustainable, it means a bunch to me and Mah Nature!

 Riding this gardening kick that we’ve been on lately, we’re going to look at a pretty neat way to grow some veggies and save some space. Since we’re maximizing our food growing efforts this year, we’re looking at cheap and efficient ways to grow as many vegetables as possible without having to dig up the entire yard. Sean’s been getting into Pinterest lately and delving into the DIY sections HARDCORE and found some creative ways to plant and save space. Using wooden pallets as planters was one of the most popular features as a vertical gardening tool, so we’re going to give that one a shot (we’ll have pics to prove it next in next week’s Green Tip).

 It looks fairly simple, so I’ll give you a rundown on how we’re going(try) to do it. I’m pretty sure all we’ll need for this pretty little ditty is a pallet, potting soil (probably at least 2 bags), landscaping paper, and some veggies that have been sprouted in small planters. If you’re having trouble finding wooden pallets try searching on Craigslist, most of the time there’s something in the free section. Honestly you can probably just drive around town for a little bit and ask some stores if they have any extras.

 Alrighty, once you’ve got all your supplies I’d suggest you choose the spot you’d like this structure to be located, it’s gonna be a heavy final product (also pick something you don’t mind leaning it on). First thing first, pick whatever side of the pallet you want to be the back side, and take some sheets of landscaping fabric and staple it or nail it to the pallet. Oh yeah, your’re gonna need a staple gun or nails and a hammer as well, my bad. Once that’s secured to the back of your pallet nice and sturdy go ahead and start packing some soil into that bad mama jama. You may need to wet the soil a tiny bit to give it some better packing properties. Next, go ahead and throw those plants in there and pack ‘em in well. Finally, lean your garden up against a wall, a big rock, an old rusty car, whatever you want to lean it against where it will get a lot of sun and let those plants grow! Yup that easy, that cheap, that much space saved, and fresh greens ready for you to eat in no time.

 That’s it for this week folks, try it yourself, try some other cool way to reuse old stuff to grow plants, let me know how it goes, I’ll let you know how it goes, thank you very much, have a most excellent week.