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"Micro Beads Killing Our WaterWays" - Adam Vindigni

"Micro Beads Killing Our WaterWays" - Adam Vindigni

Hey there everyone and how are we doin!? Off to another rainy start of the week for us, but that’s ok because we’re gettin’ it out of the way for this coming weekend for Stowe Brewers Festival. Come visit and partake in some of Vermont’s finest brews, food, and music this weekend at the Stowe Event Fields. It’s going to be the most fun of the entire summer folks, I’m telling you.

Anyways… This week we’re taking a close look at micro beads, the little scrubby things that are found in soaps and body wash. But you know what they really are? Killing our waterways, that’s what they are. Actually, they’re minuscule beads made of plastic, but still they’re killing our waterways. These beads can range from about a millimeter thick to microscopic measurements are are too small to filter out with the filtration systems that are currently in place. Even though we will never see the vast majority of these particles, they are still something to be concerned about.

Photo by  John Salzarulo  on  Unsplash

This has become a huge problem for a lot of our fresh bodies of water, like the Great Lakes, and poses major threats to not only our wildlife, but humans as well. When the micro beads make it to bodies of water like the great lakes, they settle to the floor and inhibit marine plant life to grow, destroying plant life and habitat for bottom dwelling species. Micro beads can also be mistaken for fish eggs or simply just look like some darn good eatin’ for fish and other types of marine fauna. The beads get eaten, but can’t be digested and the fish dies. That dead fish looks like a nice snack to a bigger fish and the cycle continues. These beads can eventually make it into the larger fish that are in the human food chain…

Since these little beads are made up of plastic, they can absorb other non-organic chemicals from the water too. While that may sounds like good news, it actually means that the beads become a potent way to spread chemicals to other areas. The beads, being so small and what not, are more susceptible to being swept into different currents and water flows, enabling active transport of chemicals.

So, instead of using soaps and body washes that contain micro beads, I have put together a list of things you can use to get yourself just as clean as those tiny little poison balls. 1) a loofa, handheld and reusable, it’s like your hand is covered in a billion micro beads 2) a towel, pretty much the same deal as a loofa, just different shape, 3) scrubby brush, it will also get the job done, I promise. All reusable products that cannot get washed down the drain.

That’s it for this week gang, thanks for reading in and we’ll see you all at the Stowe Brewer’s Fest this weekend! Cheers.