Viva La Bacon Grease

Photo by  Antonio Barroro  on  Unsplash

Greetings everyone and how are we doing this week!? We’re feelin’ great, halfway through August already and you can almost feel winter making its way back! This is a big week for Powe., not only ‘cause the 13th was our three year anniversary, BUT it was also @pieceoftoastwithcamera ‘s birthday AND @forkknifehammer ‘s birthday, not to mention @stefanie_berlow's on the 12th! So go ahead and go wish them all best!

This week we’re talkin’ bacon grease, ya know, that lovely goopy stuff that hangs out in your skillet after cooking up a mean pound (at least) of bacon. Now, if you’re anything like us here at Powe. Snowboards, you love bacon, may be slightly obsessed, and probably eat just a little too much of it (lol no such thing as too much bacon). It’s ok, we don’t judge. Anyway, let’s find out the best way get rid of all that gnar gnar bacon grease that accumulates and how we can use it to improve the rest of our meals.

First things first, we’re a limited waste kind of household, so let’s figure out how to put this valuable resource to use instead of resorting to our garbage cans as our first option. As you’re probably aware bacon grease can be used again and again, if stored properly. Let’s learn how to properly store this heavenly gift. Instead of waiting till your leftover grease solidifies and turns all white, wait till the grease has cooled to a manageable level still in liquid form, and strain it into a resealable/airtight container (pretty much the sole reason for the creation of the mason jar). You’ll want to strain it to remove all the small bacon chunks and particles that get left behind for a product that will last longer. Toss it in the fridge for best storage results and enjoy the flavors of bacon in every meal. You can also toss it in the freezer for extra long storage, but that’s crazy talk, you’re going to want it on hand and ready cook with at all times.

If you’re not going to store it or reuse it, then we’ll talk about proper disposal as well. Now I know how tempting it is to just walk on out to the back yard, find an area that looks worthy, pour that piping hot mess onto the ground and forget about it, trust me we’ve all been there, but DON’T do it! You’re going to attract all sorts of critters and that’s never worth it. Don’t pour it down your drain either, that’s going to turn into a whole other mess, and I’m sure you’re all aware of that already, our last house.... well we won't go there. Wait till the grease has congealed and scrape it into the garbage, if you have some sort of containment for it in the garbage that will help consolidate the mess!

Thanks for reading in on this week’s bacon flavored Green Tip! Make sure you reuse this goodness that gets bestowed upon on us, or at least dispose of it without enticing our nature friends to come over and check out the scene. I’m drooling after so much bacon talk so I’m going to go indulge in some right now! Have a nice week!