That Smelly Smell That Smells...Smelly.

Mr. Crabs - Green Tip - Powe. Snowboards

Heeyy gang how are we doin this week?! The boards are arriving any day now, so ya know, we’re just a bit STOKED to say the least. The dog days of August are winding down and we are hitting the verge of fall here folks. Got in my car this morning and the thermometer said 45 degrees (fahrenheit) and I could see my breath. What a relief. We’re just a hop, skip, and a jump to winter now!

Anyway, a friend of ours had their cat sprayed by a skunk this past week and she told me a super easy way to de-skunk your furry friends with the use of household products, so we’re going to explore that a bit. Don’t worry, I was just as surprised as you were when I learned that you can de-skunk your animal with some household products instead of all that crazy shampoo you can buy at the store. And no, it’s not just tomato juice (is that urban legend or does that actually work?). Now, I’m sure there is some sort of shampoo or spray out there you can buy to de-smell your pet, but this is a way cooler option and I’m sure there are way less chemicals involved in this option. Sure of it.

All you’re going to need for this magical recipe is 1/4th cup baking soda, 1 quart of 3% hydrogen peroxide, a couple drops of dish soap (I prefer Dawn Blue), and a few drops of lemon essential oils. Mix them all together in a bucket and lather up the beast you need to make smell better, scrub it in and wash it off. You may need to do it twice if your friend and the skunk really got into it. Be careful of eyes, noses, and mouths, we don’t want to get any of this solution in any of those places.

Since skunk spray is essentially an oil, the mixture of hydrogen peroxide and dish soap acts as an agent that helps rip the skunk oil of the hair. The baking soda helps neutralize strong acids, like that of that what the skunk produces, and changes the pH balance of the affected area. This in turn helps control obnoxious smells, leaving much less odorous outcomes. The essential oils you add to the mixture help as antimicrobial agents and help mask whatever smells may be lingering. Man, I feel like I mention some sort of essential oil every other Green Tip nowadays. I wonder if that’s a sign.

Thank Ullr this hasn’t happened to Ruby, but if it does, I know I’ll be able to take care of it thanks to science! Why don’t we all just take a second here and give a big thank you to science for making our lives easier. Thanks Science.

Have a great week everyone and be careful of skunks out there. They’ll getcha when you least expect it!