The Bad Ass, Micro Fiber Catching Laundry Ball

Happy September everyone and welcome to another week of Green Tips! Needless to say we’re getting awfully anxious for winter’s arrival since we’ve already got to experience 30 degree weather (at night), the new decks are in, and Mt. Washington has already been graced with snow. It was only a dusting… but it still counts!

Green Tip - Powe. Snowboards - Cora Ball - Rozalia Project

This week’s Green Tip is about our good friends over at the Rozalia Project who have hunkered down and developed a game changing way to do your laundry and help the environment at the same time. Incase you forgot, the Rozalia Project is a mission to help clean our coasts and oceans, and they have taken a special interest in microfibers. If you don’t remember about the dangers that microfibers present to our marine life and food chain, flip back a few Green Tips and brush up.

Anywho, the Rozalia Project created something called the Cora Ball that catches microfibers in the root of the problem; your washing machine. The Cora Ball is a little recycled plastic ball with a design inspired by nature’s own coral reef. That’s right, nature inspired recycled plastic meant to keep other plastics from escaping into the wild HOW BOUT DAT. Just like a coral reef, the Cora Ball is designed to entrap and catch things floating around it, only instead of catching tiny organisms to eat, it’s catching microfibers and hairs floating around in your wash. All you have to do is throw it into your washing machine with your laundry and then clean it off after. Literally, that’s all you have to do, and you’re keeping harmful materials out of the environment and possibly your diet. And all you have to do to clean it rip all the fibers off it, which probably takes 15-17 seconds. It’s a super simple product that can have an immense impact.

I don’t want to beat a dead horse about this one, but go support the Rozalia Project in an incredibly innovative and effective way to keep our oceans clean. Did I mention they’re also a Vermont based company? Now you absolutely need to check them out.

Have a great week everyone and keep an eye out for leaves starting to turn more and more, winter’s gonna be here any day now!