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About Us

Great companies begin with a genuine idea and a passion to fuel it. Our idea is to make the snowboarding industry a greener, more sustainable practice, while producing high end artwork and providing top notch customer service. The inspiration behind it; mah nature and her beautiful environments, and the unprecedented desire to create. In 2014, that inspiration lead us to found Powe. Snowboards to change the way we think about snowboarding and bring a truly unique product to our peers.

With genuine love for the winter and all it offers, we have set out to create products that express who each and every one of us are. 

The idea of being a relatable, responsible, and dedicated company is what has made us who we are today. 


"Snowboarding Last Week Today"

Episode 14

 A weekly video collaboration by Endless Decade Productions 


02.27.18 - 03.05.18

Keeping it local again this week with some seriously pedestrian mediocre snowboarding. Stowe, Sugarbush. What more can you ask for? A 2lb brick of Cabot Seriously Sharp cheddar cheese thats what. Now, I can't give you the cheese. But I can give you something almost as good. Well, not give you... I'll sell you a snowboard. I tell you what. If you buy a snowboard and reference this video I'll buy you a block of that good good cheddar.

"My Baby Cried All Night Long" by The Dandelion

Riders: Adam Vindigni, Stefanie Berlow, Sean Israelski, Will Romeo, Bill Cashin, Ryan Burns, Ian Major, TJ Thran, Bailey Fellion, Dan Badgley,

Film: Giles Van Gruisen, Bailey Fellion, Adam Vindigni, Stefanie Berlow, TJ Thran

Edit: TJ Thran

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The Board Gallery