Custom Snowboards

Custom Snowboards

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If you are interested in booking a custom snowboard please add to cart and fill out the form or email me, Adam Vindigni, personally at for a conversation.

Please note you can check out for $250 now (the Deposit) or pay in full.

The mountain is a clean canvas for everyone that drops in. Every turn, every slash, and every butter stems from who you are as a person and as rider. Snowboarding is one of the purest forms of self expression there is and there is no better sentiment to that self expression than a custom board.  Work with our artist, Adam Vindigni and to create your perfect board. 

The Process

It is a long 9 month process in which we will create the perfect board for you. We will talk in great detail about your ideal day on the mountain to determine the right shape, profile and size specific to your needs.


Over the first three months I will develop your graphic. We will work very closely together during this time to make sure everything is perfect. To ensure my artistic freedom and meet your requests I will have you submit five words that are essential to your design that I will use to create a cohesive image.  The words can be very meaningful or whimsical, they can even be a phrase. This method creates an amazing opportunity for both us to make a beautiful work of art, together. 

When you order a custom board you aren't just paying for a board, you are paying for a work of art. The products included in the final price are a certificate of authenticity, your one of a kind custom snowboard, an 8x12 art print based on your graphic, and a full sized 68x20 artwork print of your graphic that you can hang on the wall or do whatever you'd like with. When you stand on the board parts of the graphic get covered (don't worry I keep this in mind during the designing period), so we want you to have a full sized print of the art that won't get scratched or covered up! 


As far as pricing goes, the graphic has a lot of influence on the final cost. Your board will cost anywhere from $1000-1,300 based on how intricate you want the art to be and how specific your shape is. We do ask for a $250 deposit for the board upfront for obvious reasons. 

***Custom Boards for the 2017-2018 season are all booked up! We are currently accepting deposits for the 2018-2019 season.***

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