"The Greenhouse"

"The Greenhouse"

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The Greenhouse is meant to connect the person who rides it to the mountain they ride. A graphic featuring images from nature as well as a visible core will make you feel closer to mother nature than ever before. Lightweight and durable as hell, this board will have you shredding wherever your imagination takes you.

-designed by Adam Vindigni

Only 40 will be made.


Classick Traditional Camber,

4mm rise

 Ideal Usage:


riding at high speeds,

stomping cliffs and big jumps,

and of course deep snow.   

*Side note, she's no slouch in the park either. 


3.5/10 (10 being the most flexible)


Core: Poplar,

Sidewalls: Bamboo,

Topsheet: Hemp x Volcanic Basalt,

Epoxy: Biodegradable Resin

Ridden by: Evan BlochBilly Trautner, Alden Krinsky, Adam Vindigni, Eric Vindigni

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A day in the park on the Cowe? and the Greenhouse with Adam Vindigni, and, Tj Thran at Stowe.