Snowboarding Last Week Today: Episode 5 ... 12.8.17-12.14.17


A weekly video collaboration by Endless Decade Productions

Things are starting to heat up this season most notably with Kian Malone and those Park City jumps. The snow is starting to fall here in the east and last week we got our first taste of that infamous New England chowdahhhh. Enjoy the show folks! :)

"Summer Solstice" by The Uplifting Bell Ends
"Lying Woman" by The Uplifting Bell Ends

Riders: TJ Thran, Sean Isrealski, Adam Vindigni, Eric Vindigni, Marley Begins, Will Romeo, Kian Malone

Filmers: Ben, Adam Smith, Sean Israelski, Adam Vindigni, Will Romeo, TJ Thran, Eric Vindigni