Snowboarding Last Week Today: Episode 6 ... 12.15.17 - 12.21.17


A eekly video collaboration by Endless Decade Productions


Howdy snow folks. We hope you've been enjoying these weekly videos. We sure are having a blast putting them together. Anyways, we got quite a bit of new snow this week so we finally got to start trouncing around the woods some more. Enjoy the froth and we hope you find yourself somewhere deep and snowy this week! Cheers!

"Cloud Nine" by The East Coast Instrumental Experiment
"Girl, They Gonna' Catch Ya" by The East Coast Instrumental Experiment

Riders: Justin Huber, Jack Jones, TJ Thran, James Reilly, Will Romeo, Adam Vindigni, Daniel Badgley
Skiers: Kyle Petty, Chris Grant

Filmers: James Reilly, Sean Israelski, Adam Vindigni, Will Romeo, TJ Thran, Eric Vindigni, Justin Huber, Jack Jones