Snowboarding Last Week Today: Episode 9 ... 01.15.18 - 01.21.18


A Weekly Video Collaboration by Endless Decade Productions

Comin at ya with another episode of SLWT. The season is in full swing. We know this because of the 70 degree temp flux we witnesses last week after two weeks straight of negative temps. Luckily this week we have some more clips with Kian out west (they actually have little snow now) and some clips from Vermont as well. We hope you enjoy!

Music: "A Timely Idea" by Ice Dragon and Space Mushroom Fuzz

Riders: Kian Malone, Adam Vindigni, Will Romeo, Sean Isrealski, Stefanie Berlow, Diego Trevino, Daniel Badgley

Filmers: TJ Thran, Sean Isrealski, Will Romeo, Adam Vindigni, Adam Smith