Snowboarding Last Week Today: Episode 10


By golly folks we did it. Ten whole episodes. Its almost time to unsubscribe from your Netflix or even say screw it to Game of Thrones.

Anyways here's some more #relatablesnowboarding from your friends over at Powe. Snowboards. First up we got Alec O'dette holding it down for the PNW. Alec likes long runs through the park and mimosas for apré. Then we head on back to the ice coast for some terrain parks shenanigans with the founder squad Adam, Eric, Sean, and Will. Boy do they know how to have a good time on a snowboard. See you next week!

" c y c l e " by Chromatic

Riders: Alec O'dette, Will Romeo, Adam Vindigni, Sean Israelski, Eric Vindigni

Filmers: Ian Smith, Mt. Hood Riders, Sean Israelski, Adam Vindigni, Will Romeo, Mia Franzoni