Snowboarding Last Week Today: Episode 7 ... 01.01.18 - 1.7.18


A weekly video collaboration by Endless Decade Productions

We took the last week of the year off from SLWT because gosh darn it was colder than a witches tit out there. So here we are. 2018. A new year. New opportunities to shred with friends. New opportunities to make silly videos of ourselves snowboarding with each other. 2018 isn't the year of the snowboarding ego, its the year of the collaborative snowboarding celebration. Without further adieu here is the first SLWT of 2018 featuring...


"Coastal Breeze" by Miami Sunset


Alec Odette, Adam Vindigni, TJ Thran, Daniel Badgley, Kian Malone, Jeff Schindler


Sean Isrealski, Will Romeo, Adam Vindigni, TJ Thran, Michael Mehta, Ben LaPrade