Warranty Policy - We’ve got your back!

-While our boards are made with some of the most durable materials mother nature has to offer, we understand, snowboards break. Your board has a one year warranty from the date of purchase which covers you from dealing with defective products due to manufacturing errors. 

-In many cases snowboards can be repaired. In the event minor damage occurs to your snowboard take some photos of the damage and send us a picture with a brief description of what happened. Once we review the photos and write up we will ask you to send the board back to us and we will make the repair for you. We know, your nervous about how long it will take, we promise a quick and speedy return.

-If your board is beyond repair, we will make a judgement call based on the nature of the break to determine if in fact it was a manufacturing error. If it is a manufacturing defect, your board will be replace in a speedy fashion. However, If you smash your board on a rock or cut it in half with a chainsaw, we will know and we will not repair or replace your deck.

-Powe. Snowboards will not be responsible for any costs, losses or damages incurred as result of loss or use of this product.