Director of Eco-Programming, Will Romeo

"The idea of wilderness needs no defense, it only needs defenders." -Edward Abbey

I am...

24 years old and originally from the coast of Connecticut. My love for board sports began with skateboarding, surfing, and the 5-10 day trips a winter I could make with my dad to random mountains(Thanks dad!). I remember, very vividly, the summers spent paddling out into oncoming waves, and the days of crafting makeshift skate parks in my neighbors driveway.  Something about riding sideways always just seemed right to me, It didn't matter where, I'd do it on water, pavement, or snow as much as possible. But, once high school began I found myself becoming more consumed with soccer and lacrosse than I was with my riding.

Somehow, I found myself at the University of Vermont in 2011, enrolled in Environmental Studies with a concentration in Ecology and Conservation. Here I discovered my endless appreciation for our natural areas, fell in love with the Green Mountains, and established an ever growing desire to learn more about the environment. Vermont was a catalyst for me getting back into snowboarding and I took full advantage of it; so much that everyday I didn't get on my board felt like a waste of a day. Snowboarding taught me a lot, It taught me about the environment, it taught me about myself, and it taught me that it’s best in life to do what makes you happy. Because no amount of money will make me feel as good as choking on waist deep powder! So in 2014, we set out on the ultimate journey and created Powe. Snowboards.

Powe. Snowboards has allowed me to combine my loves of snowboarding and the environment in a way that I had never dreamed of. It has introduced me to a lot more than I ever could have imagined. I can tell you this, five years ago I never would have seen myself writing a weekly Green Tip blog, or organizing Powe. Mountain Project events in three different states. We are all very thankful for the opportunity we have created and more than stoked to share it with you and change the industry. 


Contact: | 860.326.1296